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“With the right loudspeakers or with a pair of headphones, it leaves its rivals eating dust and I think that is super impressive.”

Darko Audio


“Having the one amplifier to “rule them all” has been a fool’s errand for me somewhat through the years, but with the newly released AMP-23R, this quest has finally become a reality! Throw in the fact that this unit is also a top-flight speaker amplifier, you really can have your cake and eat it too!”

- Headphone Guru 


“To summarize, Enleum AMP-23R is as non-casual as the Bakoon was before it. Its industrial styling, petite footprint, flawless metalwork and brilliant overall execution already make that point, but I’m not aware of any other similarly voiced as accomplished hardware that sells for less than thrice its tag. Soo In’s newcomer easily pulls sonics way above that sticker to prove us once more that top shelf performance can wear a fabulously compact sharp suit that’s not even remotely close to the industry’s usual suspects.”

- HiFi Knights - VICTOR AWARD


“It was very highly transparent, but not analytical, not overdoing it in terms of hearing all the bad stuff that’s in recordings.” “It was a perfect balance of purity and transparency and still had a bit of soul and warmth to it.” “I switched over to the Klipsch Cornwall IVs, again with this little tiny little amplifier, it was beyond my expectations.” “The AMP-23R is so quiet, so pure, it just made every headphone sound at its absolute best - some of the best headphone sound I’ve ever heard.”

- Steve Guttenberg


״I’ve heard plenty of great sounding solid-state amplifiers by now, but none of them were crawling under my skin as soon as music started doing its mojo. Its different working principle was felt immediately. My tunes were revitalized, freed from any limitations, transients were riding a roller-coaster as if a (much) bigger amplifier was pushing and pulling them around.

- Sound Review - GOLD AWARD 


“The Enleum AMP-23R, also like its predecessor, is a form-follows-function, minimalist, pragmatic, industrially-designed component, that is exceptionally transparent, natural, superbly musical, and fantastically involving. The Enleum AMP-23R is our latest DIAMOND AWARD WINNER and very, very highly recommended!

- Audio Key Reviews

ENLEUM AMP-23R : מגבר סטריאו ואוזניות משולב

מק"ט: AMP23R